Giza Archives

Additions to the Giza Archives

4/25/2009: New series of short "how to..." videos added to the website, under "Search the Archives" (see How to Use this Website)
4/16/2009: New Google API (beta version) alternative Visual Search page created (see Search Giza from Above page, under "Search the Archives"), allowing users to drag and drop a "pin" anywhere on the site to view the nearest 360-degree interactive panorama. In addition, an overlay of all current tomb numbers may be toggled on or off for easy reference.
4/8/2009: Website redesign, with new homepage and search/navigation bar
3/30/2009: 2,000 excavation and museum photos from Vienna posted online (search for "AEOS" or "o_neg_nr")
1/20/2008: Entire Giza collection (90+ objects) housed in the Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley, posted online, including object records and new color photography
1/20/2007: Giza Archives "goes international"
1/10/2007: Search images & objects by content: the MET (Multilingual Egyptological Thesaurus)
1/1/2007: Historic discovery in Egypt: The lost Arabic excavation diaries
11/12/2006: Giza 360-degree "QTVR" site panoramas cross the 1,000-mark
10/1/2006: 7,000 color images added to 21,000 B&W excavation photos
6/1/2005: Addition of 500 QTVR 360-degree panoramas to the 150 panoramas already on the Visual Search Page
3/30/2005: Archaeological line drawings and illustrations cross the 10,000 mark
2/28/2005: Color images of MFA Giza objects linked to Giza website
1/31/2005: Initial public launch of Giza website

Harvard Camp, Giza: From left to right: Frank O. Allen, George Reisner, Nicholas Melnikoff, Hansmartin Handrick (seated), and Mohammed Said Ahmed [Diraz] examining records at Harvard Camp (rephotograph from Al-Mussawar Arabic magazine, no. 740, December 16, 1938)