Giza Digital Library

George A. Reisner; photograph by Bob Davies; June 26, 1933 (B8332)

The Giza Digital Library provides freely accessible monographs, articles, and manuscripts on the Giza Necropolis. Converted to PDF format, these publications fill two Egyptological needs:
  1. they make invaluable but rare and out-of-print publications available to millions, and
  2. most of the publications are text-searchable PDF files, a useful aid in streamlining research, thanks to OCR (optical character recognition).

Note that you can search for publications by typing author or article names either in the main Search box, or under "Advanced Search" > "Advanced Search for Published Documentation." Publications are also linked in the Giza database to their relevant tombs, people, objects, and photographs.

The current inventory of the Giza Library includes every Giza book and article by the members of the Harvard University–Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition (George Reisner, William Stevenson Smith, Dows Dunham, etc.), as well as every Egyptian and Nubian article ever published in the Bulletin of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (BMFA). It also includes all volumes of the more recent Giza Mastabas Series, edited by Peter Der Manuelian and William Kelly Simpson. Finally, past and current scholarship is also well represented.

The Giza publications are separated into the following categories:

Alphabetically by author

The complete list of all items, including those in the categories listed below

Giza Mastabas Series

The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston's tomb-by-tomb publication series of the Harvard–MFA Expedition (7 volumes to date)

Bulletin of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

166 Bulletin articles by numerous authors, separated into two groups: 1) Giza only, and 2) Giza, other Egyptian sites, and Nubia

Giza publications by G.A. Reisner

Every book or article that George Reisner (1867–1942) ever wrote about Giza

Ancient Egypt Research Associates Aeragram Newsletters

Excavations of the Giza Plateau Mapping Project, directed by Mark Lehner

An Appeal for Contributions to the
Giza Digital Library

In an effort to provide as complete and comprehensive an online library as possible for the Giza Necropolis, authors are encouraged to contact the Giza Archives Project staff if they have Giza-related publications already converted to electronic (PDF) format ready for posting on these pages.