How to Use This Web Site: Giza Archives Tutorial Videos

Egyptologists and power users: Click here for tips on searching for tomb numbers, photo numbers, and object numbers.

What's Cool: Giza Web Site Highlights (5:29) This video summarizes highlight features of the Giza Web site, including many ways to search (basic, advanced, and interactive aerial/satellite views), the Giza Digital Library, saving your collections, and zoom capabilities on all items.
3 Ways to Search Giza (3:33) This video introduces the three different methods for searching the Giza Archives Web site: 1) Quick Search (type any term, name or number); 2) Advanced Search (narrows and refines your search); and 3) Search Giza from Above (where you control interactive aerial/satellite views of Giza).
The Giza Digital Library (2:38) Introduction to the hundreds of scholarly books and journal articles about the Giza Pyramids and surrounding cemeteries, all converted to text-searchable PDF files on the Giza Web site.
How to Search for a Tomb at Giza (4:10) This video demonstrates the Advanced Search method for find a Giza tomb. It shows all the linked elements found on a typical tomb page: artifacts, photos, people, drawings, diary pages, published and unpublished documentation.
Searching for Tombs: An Important Difference Between Quick Search and Advanced Search (2:13) This video demonstrates that searching for tomb numbers (such as "G 2370") in the Quick Search box on the Giza Web site will often produce many possible search results. Don't trust all the numbers of related items, but instead, click on the "Tombs and Monuments" results, until you get the exact tomb you are looking for. Another way to find the tomb is via Advanced Search: Advanced Search for Tombs and Monuments. This search method ONLY hunts for actual tomb numbers.
Search Giza from Above (3:58)
This video demonstrates two visual search methods on the Giza Web site, both using a 1936 aerial photograph of Giza (with some additions from 1999). One of the pages uses a Google Maps-like interface. Each tomb is a rollover button that links to all related photos and documentation. Both methods also contain 1,400 QTVR panoramas that let you stand almost anywhere and look around in 360-degrees.

How to Search Giza Images by CONTENT (2:09)

Looking for a particular tomb wall scene? A certain type of statue? Use the METs ("Multilingual Egyptological Thesaurus") terms to find exactly what you're looking for on the Giza Archives Web site.
"My Giza Research" (1:58) This video illustrates how you can search for items on the Giza Web site and save them as your own research collections. Choose whether to keep these collections private, or share them publicly.
Giza Homepage Images Slideshow (1:53) Click refresh/reload on the Giza Web site homepage to see 40 different homepage background Giza images. These include historic dig and discovery photos, modern color images, and even some vintage postcard views of the Giza Plateau.