Copyright, Fair Use, and
Rights & Licensing of Giza Materials

Allowed Uses of Materials from
the Giza Archives Website

Users may view, download, print, copy, perform, display and compile digital works from the Giza Archives assets within defined educational and research contexts and purposes, including:

Classroom Teaching
Classroom use, including display, is acceptable.

Research use, including manipulation as an aid to study and analysis, is acceptable.

Student Assignments
Use in student assignments, including the making of derivatives as assignments, is acceptable.

Display in an Academic Gallery
Public exhibition and display, including incorporation within interpretive labels and/or installations, in an academic gallery or within a museum environment is acceptable.

Maintain in a Professional Portfolio
Maintenance of licensed works even beyond the term of the institutional license, within a student or faculty portfolio, and its offline, non-public presentation or display as part of that portfolio in disciplines in which this is a normal requirement of academic practice and expected in the job market, is acceptable.

Incorporation in a Dissertation
Incorporation of entire works within a dissertation, and the making of personal and library deposit copies of that dissertation with these works in them, works even beyond the term of the institutional license, is acceptable.

Khufu and Khafre Pyramids in morning fog, looking southeast; January 9, 2004 (PDM_00323)

Giza Materials Owned by the
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Text and images made available on the Giza Archives web pages, created to provide an educational resource to the public, are protected by copyright. The reproduction, redistribution and/or exploitation of any materials and/or content (data, text, images, marks or logos) for personal or commercial gain is not permitted. Provided the source is cited, personal, educational and non-commercial use (as defined by fair use in US copyright law) is permitted.

All parties using, printing or downloading the materials and/or content of the MFA web pages in any manner, represent and warrant (1) that they understand and will observe the limitations on the use of the materials and/or content; and (2) that they will not infringe or violate the rights of any other party.

Photographic and digital images of objects and materials owned by the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, are available through the Department of Rights and Licensing. Click here to learn more. Please include the accession number, negative number, file name or other ID information of the desired materials with your request.

The MFA's Department of Rights and Licensing reviews written requests to reproduce images in all media. Each project is evaluated separately and reproduction fees are charged according to the scope of the project.

Send all correspondence regarding Rights and Licensing requests to:

Digital Image Resources
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
465 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115
617-437-7471 fax

Giza Materials Owned by Other Individuals or Institutions

For use of materials owned by individuals or institutions other than the Museum of Fine Arts, users are directed to contact those individuals or institutions directly for their rights & licensing policies and fees.

Khufukhaf I (G 7140), chapel, room b, north wall, raised relief standing figures of Khufukhaf and his wife; August 8, 1929 (A5232)